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we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty.

Scrappy and street-smart marketing.

Best known for our stellar marketing consultation skills, we bring creativity AND best-practices for work-flow strategies to our clients. We’ve captured the free-spirit required for great design with hardcore marketing management and reliability. We envision your campaigns through their entire lifecycle - leaving no opportunity unexplored and giving you accountability and metrics to support your decisions. We don't just make it pretty - we make it work.

We live where we work and work where we live...

Our headquarters in Wilbraham puts us smack in the middle of the largest technology and business developed areas in Massachusetts. We're proud to be here and are always thrilled to get to know our neighbors. So come by for a workshop or two, let's collaborate!

we're pretty enthused to meet you...

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Amy Scott

Amy Scott

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Amy cut her teeth in sales & marketing while working in the garment industry in the 90's. At that time, she was the buyer of marketing services, not the provider. "I always felt there was so much room for improvement in leveraging the multitude of services required to drive successful campaigns and I was driven to find them or create them." Her techniques for managing catalog work flow and catalog design layout won attention and feature coverage in trade publications. "A few years later I decided to strike out on my own and trained in graphic design software and techniques." Amy's unique combination of high-octane workflow and graphic design artisty became the foundation for Wild Apple Design Group which opened for business in the year 2000.

"I have been very fortunate to have clients who come from diverse industries . . .from ice cream to aerospace." she says. "This allows me to stay nimble and to apply cross-media creative ideas for my client's. I love mixing it up."

Amy officially joined forces with Eric Belliveau and Rory Hurlburt in October 2011. Working under one roof means that we have great ideas, great project management and the latest/greatest in leveraging technology for marketing campaigns.


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Eric Belliveau

Eric Belliveau

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Eric Belliveau has 12+ years’ experience in web site development / internet marketing and is in the forefront of emerging technologies such as responsive mobile web site design, social media marketing, establishing best practices and developing workflows to organize the delivery of content.  Eric spends most of his time with the development team and coordinating e-based strategies that help clients reach, monitor and engage with their online community. 

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Rory Hurlburt

Rory Hurlburt

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Over 12 years designing for everything from web to print has taught me that when equipped with information and strategy you increase the value and viability of any well designed art. It's not enough to simply paint pretty pictures!

I started out in art originally pursuing comic book illustration. It was two years into chasing that passion when I realized that as a designer I had an opportunity to touch more industries and have a near infinite variety of projects.

Don't get me wrong, the kid in me still wants to draw Superman (and I do, just look in the margins of the notes I take in meetings...) but I found I really enjoyed the process of layout and design. There is a zen like quality when all the pieces come together, it’s very gratifying work to a creative soul.

I cut my teeth designing GUIs (Graphic User Interfaces) for high end control systems in smart homes and corporate board rooms. This gave me a real appreciation for end-user experience that I carried into web design.

At Wild Apple Design Group you won't see me too often during the first phases of a new project, but trust me, I'll be pouring over details behind the scenes during the production process. We joke around a lot at the office about that. When I come out after I've been pouring over design and code for 8 to 10 hours straight I must look like Quasimodo coming down from the belfry. I do make sure that I've covered the bases though, I'll be your best friend through the production process and beyond.

In my free time I draw, read, run, hike and listen to some of the nerdiest music you have ever heard.

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