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Virtual Reality: The Art of 3D Illustrative Renderings

August 15, 2012 at 12:42 PM

Visuals are incredibly important in the wonderful world of marketing & package design and our clients rely on us for that extra something that will put their efforts over the top. When a realistic representation or prototype of a product is required, 3D illustrative renderings can be the solution. These renderings can be generated from many possible sources such as CAD drawings, blueprints, photos, art files or even sketches on a wrinkled napkin (genius can occur at anytime).

Why consider this medium? Sometimes the item in question simply isn't available – or perhaps does not exist yet - as would be the case for many packaging designers, architects, inventors and product engineers to name just a few.

We have produced a number of 3D renderings for our clients so take a look at some of these projects and see the wonder of digital art:

Pecoy Homes:

When it comes to home building of course a vital part of the process is showing the client what their house will look like once it is complete. This could be a project altering factor if the representation is not realistic and pleasing to the potential home owner. In this case we had CAD drawings available and we wanted to produce a watercolor finish as our final image. It was also important for us to represent the proper native species of plants and trees as they might look in five years when they matured to give Pecoy's client an added bonus of knowing what their future property will look like.

C.A.R. Products Inc.:

In this case we simply needed an image of three industrial barrels of product, but didn't have time for a photo shoot. We were able to produce these 3D images faster than a photo shoot would have taken- which requires a time, products, location, and hiring photographers. (Note: we are big fans of commercial photography, when possible, and will write about this some other time)


This client was looking to have an accurate depiction of their packaging offerings on their website for online orders. We established a 3D rendering of three different package sizes that would allow for perfect consistency for all similar products that may have the same bottle. In that case, then any other product with the same bottle but a different label could be generated in the rendering.

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