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A New Site For Moore Contractors

July 25, 2012 at 12:16 PM

Mike Moore of Moore Contractors, Inc. contacted us out of a need for a website makeover from an existing site he had done quite a good job of constructing on his own several years prior. Moore Contractors is a multi-generational business, more than 30 years in excavation and had gotten into home building in the past 10 years or so. This expanding business needed a strong web presence to reflect this growth and showcase some of the great houses they’ve been building and what their current abilities are in order to generate new leads for their respective specialities and be a strong backbone for other marketing efforts.

High Tech Pencil Action


After an initial meet and greet by Amy and Eric to determine the goals of the new website, address branding issues and set a production schedule we fired up the ol’ design mill. The project landed on my drawing table first where I structured out some basic ideas and creative direction based on the needs established earlier. Working with a sketch pad might seem like a pretty old school thing to do but for me it’s a faster and more organic way to get some ideas down. Yes... it’s true. Despite the increasing speeds of computers I’m still faster with a pencil and eraser at this stage.

At this point I knew I wanted the logo to be sleek, modern and simple. I don’t typically get to put a logo together with a website but being able to do this allows me to set a tone for the entire project (which is really just aces for a creative like me). I opened Adobe Illustrator and really just explored some fonts that spoke to me or got me at least close to what I was looking for. Moore IS the brand, I didn’t want to dilute the power and reputation of this accomplished business by introducing excess graphical elements.



Next up, making sure the website isn't the font style equivalent to wearing zebra striped pajama pants with a flannel shirt...


As part of my creative process I wanted to establish a style guide for fonts to be used on the site. Utilizing the awesome online app Typecast (fairly new to the world and new to my arsenal of creative tools), I put together a guide I can use across the site to keep it consistent across the board, page to page. These font styles are coded into the site along with standard margins, line-heights and weights.

As you may have seen in the sketch above, this site was spec’ed to be mobile friendly and responsive. It is critical in the early stages of a new project to determine how mobile will play a role. This “mobile-first” strategy lets creative know to plan on utilizing a grid layout that will expand out from the size of your average iphone sized screen to a desktop sized screen and everywhere in between. It also gets us thinking early on what kinds of image sliders and widgets we’ll be using and to pick the tools that will play nicely across most devices. With all that in mind we set out on our epic Adobe Photoshop quest...{cue symphonic music}


Plans, Schemes and Designs, Oh My...

After considerable pushing around of graphical elements, we came up with a pretty solid foundation and explored some color options to show to Mike. At the end of our first meeting on design summary we determined green was the color of choice.


We have a winner...

After an approval from Mike we tore into the code blitz build style. The site is of course built on the ultra powerful, always awesome Concrete5 CMS that we know and love. The theme itself features a flurry of HTML5 goodies, responsive image galleries and blog utilities that will grow with Mike as his company continues to grow. Allowing him to keep up with adding news entries, adding new pictures and editing text as needed all on his own.

Check it out and don’t be afraid to give it a squeeze to see the responsive side of things...


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Where did we begin with Mike? Well, right here...


He built the original site himself, not too shabby Mike! But it was feeling outdated and it was not serving the current needs of his growing company. Mike is also planning on using the site as a backbone to other marketing efforts he'll be pursuing in print and other medias.