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Eric Belliveau

Eric Belliveau

Director of Operations & Technology

The Nineties Internet boom was a gold rush for designers offering an entirely new medium in the evolving realm of digital design.  This was one of those moments where all of a sudden a completely new option was available for designers which caused a major shift in the creative industry where graphic communications began to evolve into web designers.  If you were a creative minded individual in those days it was an exciting moment to be apart of, but it was also a career that presented many challenges. The expectations were rather simple  however helping clients to maintain their websites was a big challenge, and that is one of the few items that has remained constant. 

In around 2001, I deployed one of my first CMS enabled websites, ever since I've been on an ongoing pursuit of developing a better, more easy-to-use content management solution.  Today I'm in the forefront of evolving technologies where everything is mobile-friendly and the CMS tools offer the simplicity of drag & drop, pixel perfect layouts.  The technology has come a long way, and we continue to develop new features with a focus on training to make sure clients realize the best practices to properly maintain their website, and publishing standards that include things like accessibility.