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Eric Belliveau

Eric Belliveau

Director of Operations, Technology & Internet Marketing Specialist

All my life I’ve been interested in design and technology and then in 1985 my family purchased our first family computer, the IBM PCjr. Needless to say I've been a tech evangelist ever since. It didn’t take long for me to start tinkering in code and begin experimenting with digital editing using some pretty rudimentary art software. It's was no iPhone, but at twelve years old this was bleeding edge tech, and my curiosity quickly became a passion. By my early twenties I started to become fairly proficient in web technologies, and a few years later I built my first professional website for a local business which was big success. Persistence was starting to pay off, and within the same year I decided to leave my established career as an event coordinator behind to pursue the dream of transforming my hobby into my new occupation in this new digital medium called the internet.

Today I'm still in the forefront of the latest tech, I help clients leverage emerging technologies in smart and flexible ways. I spend a lot of my time focused on implementation, or discovering the best ways of accomplishing stuff. My colleagues say I'm somewhat of a software snob (agreed), I just assume if you're going to work with software everyday you should love it, and I'm a big advocate of having the right tools for the job.

When I'm not hanging with my with my team @WildAppleGroup you'll find me on the field coaching at the local soccer club. I'm very fortunate my career change provided the lifestyle to be able to coach both my kids and meet a lot of wonderful people along the way.