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Rory Hurlburt

Rory Hurlburt

Creative Lead, Art Developer & Senior Designer

Over 15 years designing for everything from web to print has taught me that when equipped with information and strategy you increase the value and viability of any well designed art. It's not enough to simply paint pretty pictures!

I started out in art originally pursuing comic book illustration. I was a few years into chasing that passion when I started to explore design and my passion totally flipped to that. As a designer I love that I have an opportunity to do work for a near infinite variety of industries and projects.

Don't get me wrong, the inner-nerd me still wants to draw Superman (and I do, just look in the margins of the notes I take in meetings...) but I found I really enjoy the process of layout and design. There is a zen like quality when all the pieces come together, it's very gratifying work to a creative soul. 

At Wild Apple you won't see me too often during the first phases of a new project, but trust me, I'll be pouring over the creative brief behind the scenes during the ideation and production processes. I live, eat and breath the project I'm working on at any moment in time. I want to understand as many facets of your business or organization as I can. I also seek to learn about who you are, and how that personality can shine through your company or organization. All this data amalgamates into a visual language that speaks your brand thoroughly.

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