For the logo design we conceptualized it to be usable in multiple ways and for nearly any application. From print, online, on hardware and beyond.

An array of FloDesign Sonics logos usages

Living Style

We built the style guide for FloDesign Sonics behind the scenes on their website on privately accessible pages. It is a living breathing style guide that has downloadable links for all their assets. This allows them to quickly share assets with media outlets during their marketing campaigns while also serving to keep their internal usage consistant. 

An image of the online style guide for FloDesign Sonics


They really wanted to amp up the release of their very cool product. The stuff this company builds is really mind-blowing technology. We were glad to design some ads to help pump up that product launch.

An example of two FloDesign Magazine Advertisments
An example of an iron cross folded mailer for FloDesign

Expo Booth

We provided the design for some booth components for FloDesign Sonic's booth for the various expos they attend. Tapping into the style guide and assets so everything matched their brand.

An example of the expo booth for FloDesign

Mobile User Experience 

Menu navigation and content on major landing pages have all been given special attention for small screen usage. 

website on smart phones

Interactions without Interruption

We provided some interesting ambient interactions and effects for users as they navigate throughout the site. You'll see performant friendly animated SVG graphic wave forms and representations of cells in the backgrounds of key areas. 

website on multiple devices